Healthcare Response to Human Trafficking Series

Because every healthcare professional should be equipped to RECOGNIZE & RESPOND TO human trafficking

About the Series

The Healthcare Response to Human Trafficking Series is designed specifically for healthcare professionals. This Series contains essential knowledge and skills for healthcare professionals to effectively recognize and respond to human trafficking.

$15.00  –  1 Hour
$22.50 –  1.5 Hours
$15.00  –  1 Hour
$15.00  –  1 Hour
$7.50  –  30 Minutes

Your Five-Course Path to Certification*

*Continuing education units, badges, and certifications must be earned by passing necessary requirements

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Why learn with this Series?

Explore the following presentation to learn more about how this Series can benefit patients and vulnerable populations seeking healthcare.

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Thank you to our Sponsor

The Healthcare Response to Human Trafficking series is supported by funding provided by Anthem.

Anthem is committed to raising awareness about human trafficking. Their sponsorship supports continued research and collaboration with national experts to aid in the fight against human trafficking.

For more information visit their website at: