Human trafficking is

closer than you think.

So are the solutions.

Human trafficking happens everywhere—in the United States and all around the world. To end it, everyone is needed, including you.  But first, you need to get equipped to take action. 

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The fact is: human trafficking is happening everywhere.  No nation and no community is immune. To become part of the solution to end it, the essential first step is gaining the knowledge you need.

That’s where Justice U comes in.

Justice U is a new learning platform that quickly delivers knowledge from experts in the anti-trafficking movement to massive audiences who need it, with the tools every modern learner needs today.

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"Great information, followed up by statistics and citations on the same page. That was very helpful and refreshing to see."
"The course enlightened me greatly about human trafficking."
"The story was very engaging...makes you really tap into another person's story."
"Now I know how to recognize human trafficking and know that it happens here in the U.S. also."
"The signs of human trafficking were very helpful, as well as the myths/facts."
"I learned a lot about how widespread this social concern is for our local communities and globally."
"I appreciated the fact that different learning styles were addressed... videos, quizzes, reviews within videos, transcripts, summaries."
"I like the organization and flow of the program. It is easy to understand and follow."

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