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Human trafficking is the sale of men, women, and children for sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, or organ trafficking. It is an evil trade that profits billions of dollars every year by enslaving and exploiting millions of souls in the United States and all around the world. Learn more.

 In 2013, the United Nations General Assembly named July 30th as the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Learn more on the UN website.

Justice U is an online learning platform built to help everyone and anyone with a desire to make a difference to learn what they need to know to advocate against human trafficking in their community.  

Every person that signs up on LearnWithJusticeU.com for $50 will receive:

– Access to the Justice U “Learn How to End Human Trafficking” series

– One year of Engage Together® Toolkit Plus membership

The “Learn How to End Human Trafficking” series has three online courses.

In the first course, Human Trafficking Awareness, you will learn what human trafficking is, including common myths v. facts, how to recognize red flags, how to safely report, and more.  This course awards the Justice U: Human Trafficking Awareness Badge when passed.

In the second course, Strategy to End Human Trafficking, you will learn about the importance of strategy and all the things you need to consider in your local community context to engage and prevent human trafficking effectively. This course awards the Justice U: Strategy to End Human Trafficking Badge when passed.

In the third and final course, My Role to End Human Trafficking, you will learn how your personal and professional life, skills, and interests create opportunities for you to take meaningful action and make an impact. This course awards the Justice U: My Role to End Human Trafficking Badge when passed.

Once you complete all three courses, you earn your Justice U: Awareness and Strategy to End Human Trafficking Certification.

All courses are completely self-paced and can be started at any time.

Course one takes most learners one hour to complete. Course two is more involved and can take up to two hours. Course three involves developing your personal approach to what you can do in your community, and can take as long as you like.

Digital certifications cost anywhere between zero to hundreds of dollars, or more.  We are charging $50 for this special series, which supports our ability to develop and offer even more courses through Justice U.  And right now, we will also donate 50% to support nonprofits working to serve victims and survivors, and strengthen communities.

Sign up with Justice U to learn how to end human trafficking and receive all of these resources:


Earn your Justice U
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Take Action

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Proceeds from all Justice U courses and offerings support the work to end human trafficking.

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